ASADELTECH®, a Products, Services & Consulting Company is


A company with core philosophy to amalgam development of sustainable products and services with value it creates & brings to enterprises and people. Supported by its internal culture of deep research, analysis and continuous innovation. ASADELTECH®'s committment to build technology and engineering solutions have come a long way since launch, with its products being tested and used by marquee clients.

Applying innovation

Products leverage cutting-edge technology empowering organisations and users to become efficeint & smart.

ASADELTECH®'s state-of-the-art and intuitive engineering, web and mobile solutions deploy future-ready technologies with a clearly defined product road-map. Company's main product lines include,

IMARECON® - available as SaaS and Appliance-based solution, that processes images and videos in real-time providing precise data-points and analytics to senior management @ transport operators, retail chains, smart cities, traffic department, large enterprises with data based insights to improve their clients' experience, helping in better capacity management & utilization, productivity improvement and improving operational efficiency. Algorithms & several components of the solution has been trained using large volumes of data-sets.

iSOSu® - a web-based cloud platform providing a centralized command & control center to city administrators and corporates to track, monitor and respond to emergencies in real-time. Host of intuitive features with fast and seamless availability of critical information to emergency response team and law enforcement agencies bring down time to respond significantly propelling higher chances of faster closure.

ASADELTECH® has strategic tie-up with Passy Experience Limited, Sofia (Bulgaria).