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Enterprise Command & Control Application with Women & Personal Security AppBe Alert - Stay Safe
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Concerned about safety of employees or citizens?
Ask for a full-featured demo iSOSu® license and test it yourself.

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iSOSu® Enterprise

Demostrate in action your concern for employee & citizen safety. Locate & Protect 24x7.

  • REAL TIME capture, monitor, track and respond to emergency 24x7.
  • Rich & intuitive features in App like automatic sending of video, audio, pics, geo-location & more.
  • Additional measure to COMPLY with Sexual Harrassment Act(SHA).
  • Receive and manage all real-time data of employee's emergency CENTRALLY.
  • ENCRYPTED DATA ensures highest level of data privacy & security.
  • Powerful iSOSu™ Enterprise App help trigger emergency by user in seconds.
  • FLEXIBLE & SCALABLE solution with easy integration with existing applications and databases.
  • Re-direct emergency to LAW ENFORCEMENT agencies in seconds if required.
  • Demonstrating action on ground towards citizen safety to rebuild CONFIDENCE.
  • DATA ANALYTICS help provide future directions to policy and law makers.

iSOSu® Features

Your Personal Safety cum Emergency App - Safety Companion, Wherever you go!

  • Crowdsource
    Source help from nearby iSOSu users using smart map-view. View responses & call responders.
  • Automated Feed
    Generate instant feed in seconds on pressing panic button. Feeds are seen by near by users & buddies.
  • Activate Silently
    Trigger emergency by shaking phone, icon from locked screen, pressing power button '5' times.
  • Geo Fencing
    Set fence as a route or area & auto inform when not safe.
  • Critical Info
    Auto capture & send pics, audio & video, geo-location, emergency type and more.
  • Track My Cab
    Easy & fast way to inform emergency contacts with cab & location data instantaneously, when unsafe.
  • Nearby Places
    Quick search & call nearby places for doctor, hospital, pharmacy & more.
  • Map view
    Smart map view of registered users provides info of near by app users.
  • Global Coverage
    Users across globe use iSOSu for security. Currently active in over 200 countries.
  • Data Privacy
    User information & data are secured using two level encryption.

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How To Use iSOSu®

Trigger and send an immediate emergency SOS Signal. Any time, any where just one click or a shake. Within seconds, when help is needed.

Your emergency signal is received by crowd users, each one of whom can be a potential rescuer. Your SOS post is also received by authorities like police, medical emergency services, fire services and your pre defined emergency contacts (friends & family).

10 pre-defined emergency conditions help this process to be faster and even more accurate.

As soon as iSOSu™ emergency-cum-safety App is launched, it activates the phone camera (to take automatic pictures),and turns on the phone's voice & video recorder (to take automatic audio and video recordings). All these along with pre defined message is transmitted to the intended recipients. What more! Your geo-location and continuous geo-locations are also transmitted as part of this emergency message. Download FREE Android App or iOS App here.

As Witness

Report an incidence, a theft, a corruption, an abduction or a molestation as witness.

As User in Emergency

Youths, women of all ages, elderlies, Anyone above 14 years of age

As Peripheral User

Foreigners in other countries, municipalities, police, fire brigades, media, etc

About Asadeltech®

A ISO 9001:2008 certified company

ASADELTECH®, a ISO 9001:2008 company incorporated in India, develops products & technology that empowers people and government.

Two of its recently launched products are iSOSu® and IMARECON®;.

iSOSu® is an intuitive and powerful Enterprise & Personal Emergency-cum-safety App with unique features backed by a Command & Control (C2) Centre application that can potentially track, monitor and respond to emergencies in real time.

IMARECON®; is a state-of-the-art image enhancer and reconstructor with complex algorithms that are capable of analysing images & videos for tracking, recognition and intelligence use.

ASADELTECH® also provides Management Consulting & Advisory Services. ASADELTECH® has a strategic collaboration with Bulgaria's Passy Experience Ltd. (PEL), a private company, established in 2008. PEL has successfully negotiated with Brussels, Washington D.C., New York and EU member states capitals for membership of Bulgaria in NATO and the EU. PEL also has created a treasury of networking contacts, for development of ideas of free market economy and expansion of the Euro-Atlantic space to the East and South.