Product iSOSu™, an Enterprise level web based solution for monitoring safety of citizens and employees along with emergency command centre fully equipped to receive every emergency information of an iSOSu™ Enterprise App user, with unique user-friendly and quick-to-respond features, like, (a) iSOSu™ (enterprise version with Command Centre Panel) acts as central dashboard (b) Real-time data of any emergency or safety issue raised by a citizen through iSOSu™ (c) Ability to direct information to other authorities (police, fire, ambulance, hospitals) (d) Efficient and accurate response monitoring (e) No more embarrassment of not receiving information or receiving late (f) Ability to demonstrate action towards citizen safety in a State, City or organization (g) Makes SHA implementation more effective (h) Integration with existing employee transport applications provides real-time cab data (i) Law enforcement will have proof to take appropriate enforcement actions (j) Cloud based, scalable with 24/7 availability (k) All user data are encrypted - developed by team with extensive security experience (l) Flexible & scalable - can easily be integrated with existing applications and platforms (m) Continuous location data with path taken post emergency available (n) Geo-fencing feature available from Sep 2016 end (o) User data captured like speed, battery life, incoming/outgoing calls, etc. (p) Monitor and track response efficiency with escalation matrix If your organisation is registered, you can download Android Enterprise App here.
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  • Project Blueprint finalization : Jan 2016
  • Beta Launch (Phase I) : Oct/Nov 2016
  • Initiation (Phase II) : Dec 2016
  • Formal Launch (Phase I) :  Jan 2017
  • Beta Launch (Phase II) : July 2017

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