safety Exponential growth in data has become order of the day. Rapid changes in the way organizations require to analyze data are driven by proliferation of digital devices, emerging channels of data creation and consumption. The velocity, volume and variety of data that organizations need to analyze is huge. Extracting meaningful information and inferences from this data requires effective aggregation, integration, validation, exploration and discovery techniques. ASADEL Technologies enables organizations to effectively implement analytical processes, methodologies, workflows and templates aimed at acquiring the right information and insights that help these organizations to accelerate real time business value. ASADEL Technologies helps organizations plan and implement a well designed big data program across multiple domains and focus areas, in order to maximise their revenues, identify leads/opportunities, obtain operational efficiency, increase existing revenue streams and explore new revenue streams, while reducing exposure and regulatory compliance risks and in turn make better and faster decisions. Our services help organizations to innovate, explore new horizons and uncover hidden and more meaningful insights on their business rather than sampling. We Offer :
  • Advisory services on Big Data adoption
  • Big Data Roadmap and Architecture overview
  • Rapid Proof of Concept and Strategy
  • Implementation & Customization
  • Data integration and Quality
  • Data Visualization and Optimization Analytics

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